The Smile.

Looking through my archives, I am touched by the smiles. Recalling the warmth, I wander, and I wonder, and best of all, I find that I too am smiling! There are so many curious and lovely benefits in the field of portraiture, and smile contagion is the BEST!

It's Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Everyday.

We love dogs and we love to work with people who love dogs. Plus, what a natural smile generator. Bring your dog, please!

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Fawn and Sonny

Fawn Germer, a pulitzer nominated and Oprah recognized best selling author and speaker is pictured here with her 'over priced' dog, Sonny. Fawn likes to joke but admits that $10 adoption fee for this hunk of joy is the best investment she has ever made. Sonny goes everywhere with Fawn! Kayaking, mountains, beaches, and our studio. Such fun, so many smiles.

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