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With Love, from Lisa

On Capturing Memories

Pansy Presnail, 1959. Photo credit unknown.

From Lisa:
"Photographs represent place and meaning.
I've gazed into, and understood, the exuberant and unguarded smile of my mother, while she leans into life, clutching her camera. Through photographs we can be with those we love, and know them again."

On Homeless Animals

Little Pet Project

From Lisa:
One of my first gigs as a photographer was to take photos at a local shelter, back in 2003. I fell deeply in love with the rejected and the hopeful, and it became my mission to do what I could to help homeless and abused dogs. More at

On: An Artists Mind

It's scary up in here.

From Lisa:
From time to time I find contentment, but to be clear, it is delivered to me in my own sweat.