Say, cheese?

Cheese, crackers, snacks, coffee,, bubbles. Almost all occasions call for one or more of these, including your photoshoot.

How does this work?

The outline below is intended for personal portrait sessions such as family, boudoir, branding, children, etc. If you are planning an event, wedding, or have corporate needs please contact directly or visit 


Fill out the form

(or text me:)

Fill out the form, please! If that is too tedious, please text me (2nd best) or call me (3rd best)

727 871 2444. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a quick call with you in order to best serve you.



the PHONE call

A conversation is necessary. This is an informal phone chat. You will come away with a birds eye view of the photoshoot plan customized for you, and I will come away with a keen idea of your personal tastes and needs which fuel the entire experience.


Book It

money talks

After our chat,if you like the plan we devised for you, this is the time to book your session. We require a $750 retainer fee (minimum) to schedule and plan your shoot, the balance is due at the ordering session. (The retainer fee is factored in to the total amount due.) We hate surprises and assume you do too! Communication is key.


Day of shoot


Excited? So are we! We are consumed by the entire experience. This is show time, and it is what we live for.

Depending on the type of shoot you requested, your day could be 8 hours long, or 60 minutes. In either case, we aim to make it time well spent, and then some!



(for now)

When the shoot wraps, we say goodbye. This is never easy, as it's certain we will be friends by then. You have things to do, we understand.

After your shoot we get busy putting together the best images from your session, and confirm our next meeting with you ( the ordering session.)


Ordering Session

(bring the wallet)

The ordering session is another service that is automatically included in your plan. It is the 'reveal' and the moment you have waited for. Your images are displayed big and bright, with multiple methods for choosing and envisioning them finished, framed or otherwise. Our professional tools along with our expertise make this process so much easier on you. At this session we help you choose appropriate presentation such as framing, or canvas, or album, etc. Payment is due at this time, in full, with the retainer fee credit factored in.



patience please

Hang tight, this part may take a little bit of time depending on the order, but generally speaking 3-4 weeks is average time.

We always have your products delivered to us first, for our final approval and stamp of joy. We will arrange pick up times or deliver to you when possible.

And you enjoy...for years and years to come.